Door Entry and Access Control

In a commercial situation, managing large amounts of keys can be a difficult and keys can be easily lost, duplicated or not returned when employees leave employment. Making sure that a premises is secure and that staff and assets are protected can be a real problem for a business. A good solution to this problem can be to have a door entry or access control system installed. At Expert Locksmiths we can supply, install and maintain digital door and keyless entry access control systems.

Our access control systems are flexible, scalable, durable and simple to install and work well in applications such as offices, shops and hotels.

Another great benefit is that adding, removing or adjusting access rights is very simple.

Keyless entry systems

Access can be gained using a PIN number, key fob, card or tag.

Card Readers

Proximity or swipe access is ideal for a sleek, contemporary and unobtrusive way of allowing entry.

Access Rights

Access rights can be adjusted to allow people in to specific areas.

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