Police vetted and approved locksmith service!

Do you require a police locksmith? Or a locksmith that has been vetted and used by the police before? Perhaps you have a tenant who will not vacate your property? Or you’re worried somebody may have taken your keys?

First off, stay calm and don’t do anything rash. Often, breaking a window to get into your home can cause more damage to yourself and your wallet than the cost of an emergency locksmith. We can’t possibly begin to tell you how many times we’ve seen an individual cause injury to themselves by breaking into their own home! Now you’re looking at medical services and the cost to replace the window; this will easily be more costly than the services of an emergency Police locksmith.

Where to keep your key so a Police Locksmith is not needed?

In the future you’ll want to make sure you have a spare key available. While we do not recommend placing the key under the welcome mat, there are plenty of other great hiding places to use. In this modern age you can always find a combination lockbox (similar to the one estate agents use) and place that somewhere near your front or backdoor. How well do you know your neighbours? Well, if you’ve known them for quite some time and do trust them, I’m sure they would not have any issues with holding onto a spare set of keys for you. Install different locks on your front and back doors and then hide your front-door key in the back garden and vice versa. Often keeping a plastic credit card-type key or square key in your wallet, handbag, or briefcase can also save you from a headache.

Hiding your keys can be a successful method if you actually use good hiding places. Hiding the front-door key under the welcome mat is really not that clever. If you have an outdoor dog you can always hide your spare key in its dog house, we’re sure it will not mind. We’ve seen people actually hide their keys inside of a tree. Yes, they selected a tree that was on their property and hollowed out a 4 inch section for their spare.

Police Vetted Locksmith is just a phone call away!

Getting locked out is a common occurrence in life and getting back into either your home a property you rent does not need to be a huge stressful situation. Both homes rented properties can be accessed rather easily with hidden keys or other creative means that do not require you to break in.

At Expert Locksmiths we always try to teach prevention is the best step. Though we do understand that is not always possible and things that are out of your control can happen. Stay calm and don’t panic, and remember that in dire situations Expert Locksmiths is just a phone call away.

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