Domestic and Commercial Locksmith Services

As fully qualified locksmiths with many years of experience of working on both residential and commercial properties, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of services to businesses and individuals in Surrey. Essentially, our team of experts is capable of performing all types of work relating to the installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair of locks but to give you a better idea of what we can do, we have listed our primary services below.

Our Main Services

Whichever service you require, we will be pleased to provide you with an accurate quotation for the work involved, at no cost to you.

    • Emergency Entry – As a 24/7 locksmith, we are often asked to help our customers gain entry to properties for which they have lost the keys. Because every member of our team is highly experienced and has been trained to gain entry using the latest non-destructive techniques and equipment, we are able to help you get into your home or business premises without causing any unnecessary damage to the doors of your property. Furthermore, we guarantee a 30-minute response time so once you have called us, you will not have to wait outside your property for long. We aim to ensure that all emergency entry jobs are completed as quickly as possible, with the caveat that we will never use destructive techniques to gain entry faster unless specifically asked to do so by our customers. If you have any concerns about the methods we might use to gain entry without keys, please feel free to call and discuss them before requesting us to attend your property.


    • Lock Replacements – We offer a complete replacement service to domestic and commercial customers in the area, covering a wide range of locks from all the major manufacturers. Whether you need us to replace a Chubb 5-lever mortice lock or a Yale multi-point lock, we can help. Our fully trained locksmiths carry an extensive range of spares with them at all times, which means they can normally complete such jobs in one visit, saving you both time and money. If you know exactly what type of lock it is that you need us to replace and you want to make sure we can do the job in one visit, you can, of course, call and let us know the relevant details so that we can check our stock before coming to your property. If it is not possible to complete the work in a single visit for any reason, we will, of course, let you know why and advise you of the best course of action to take.


    • UPVC Doors & Locks – Many residential and commercial properties in Surrey have replacement UPVC doors fitted, which is why we keep a good selection of spares for these types of doors in stock, along with the locks that they most commonly feature. Whether you simply need a replacement lock fitted or a more comprehensive repair service, we can send a skilled locksmith to your house or business premises to complete the necessary work without delay. Owing to our experience in this field, we are normally able to complete this type of job in 30 minutes or less so if you are in a hurry and cannot afford to spend hours hanging around at home, call today and let us know what you need. If you would like to know exactly how much the work in question will cost before you make an appointment for it to be carried out, we will be happy to provide you with a free quotation.


    • Burglary Repairs – Immediately after a burglary is often when your property is at its most vulnerable, which is why it is vital to have all damage repaired as quickly as possible, and new, secure locks fitted to all doors. We offer a complete burglary repair service to businesses and homeowners in Surrey, delivered by our team of expert locksmiths. We can attend your property, assess the damage, and provide you with a detailed quotation covering all the costs that will be incurred should you hire us to effect the repairs. Once you give us the go-ahead, we will get to work straight away, ensuring that your property is secured as soon as possible. In addition to completing all the necessary repair work, we will also be more than happy to advise you how to make it harder for burglars to gain entry to your property in the future. If you wish to follow our suggestions, we can fit any additional locks that may be required to make your home or business premises more secure.


    • Specialised Commercial Work – In addition to lock replacements and new installations, we provide a full range of commercial locksmith services to companies in the area. From the installation, maintenance, and repair of a master key and access systems, to consultancy services for companies who wish to improve security across several sites, we can meet all the needs of local business owners in Surrey. Furthermore, we are also able to attend sites and provide locksmith services for bailiffs who are authorised by the courts to access properties in the area. Whatever kind of commercial work you would like us to perform, please do not hesitate to call and request a free consultation at your convenience. We understand the need for discretion and professionalism when performing work of this nature and you can rely on us to complete all such jobs to the very highest of standards


In addition to the above services, we also provide a replacement key service covering all types of locks currently in use in the United Kingdom. If you would like further details of what we can do for you, please call or email us whenever convenient. We carry comprehensive public liability insurance and have a team of experienced and fully qualified locksmiths waiting for your call, all of who are committed to providing a first-class service on every job they undertake.